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Some of the Macbooks have decent specs (unless you mean the newest generation of low end "Macbook" that has circa 2001 specs). Which Macbook? All but the oddly anemic and overpriced new gen Macbook have USB2 (pre 2012) or USB3 (2012 and later). Even a 2006 first gen 2GHz Macbook will let you do a lot. Maybe not live sound for a large stage or one of the gigantic modern orchestral sampler/synth plugin suites, but small projects all day long.

Pre Retina Macbook? Upgrade the stock HDD to a SSD.
Retina Macbook? Careful with the screen! ($350 to repair. They removed the protective glass shield for cost reduction.)
The new USB-C only Macbook with iphone-like specs (or circa 2001 specs) and all ports and everything else gutted on it? Um... still have the receipt?

I still think the 15" "Pro" models are more bang for the buck but I wouldn't just write off all 13" Macbooks as weak in general.

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