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Originally Posted by needtopractice View Post
Got the specs. How do they look?

2017 12 inch retina
1.2 GHz Intel core m3
8Gb 1867 MHz LPDDR3
Mac HD
Intel HD Graphics be 615 1536 MB
It would be cutting edge in 2001. Very low powered today. Elegant hardware and all and more or less modern graphics but not purposed for heavy CPU lifting. It would be a poor choice IMHO for a dedicated recording rig. You could get a used machine for a tenth of the price with modern specs and the ability to swap drives around in and so forth. The 2017 Macbook has the hard drive permanently soldered in, they removed the glass screen shield, they removed the magsafe power connection (charge it through a USB-C port), and the battery is glued in with strong double sided tape.

However, Reaper can make efficient use of old or low powered hardware. If you already have it for other reasons, try it out. If it handles what you're trying to do then all the above diatribe is meaningless.
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