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I think I am close to being able to play a 16 bit wave file at 44.1 kHz. I can build my plugin fine, but when I put it in my plugin folder and try to scan it into Reaper, I get an error message telling me that my plugin executed an invalid operation. Not sure where it is coming from but I am fairly certain it's coming from the sampler portion. The problem came up when I added the LoadWaveFile and BufferSample functions to my constructor. Does anyone have any ideas what might be going wrong?


#ifndef __SAMPLER__
#define __SAMPLER__

#include "GallantSignal.h"
using Gallant::Signal0;

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <vector>

class Sampler
  void LoadWaveFile(char *fname);
  void BufferSample();
  void NextSample(double &leftOutput, double &rightOutput);
  void Reset();
  Signal0<> FinishedPlayingSample;
    mPlayhead = 0;
  int mPlayhead;
  char *mChunkID, *mChunkSize, *mFormat, *mSubChunkOneID, *mSubChunkOneSize,
       *mAudioFormat, *mNumChannels, *mSampleRate, *mByteRate, *mBlockAlign,
       *mBitsPerSample, *mSubChunkTwoID, *mSubChunkTwoSize, *mData;
  std::ifstream myfile;
  std::vector<double> mOutputL;
  std::vector<double> mOutputR;

#endif /* defined(__SAMPLER__) */

#include "Sampler.h"
using namespace std;

void Sampler::LoadWaveFile(char *fname) 
{, ios::in | ios::binary); 
  if (myfile.is_open())
    mChunkID = new char[4];, 4); //Should have 'RIFF'
    if (!strcmp(mChunkID, "RIFF")) 
      //We had 'RIFF', so let's continue 
      mChunkSize = new char[4];, 4); //Size of the rest of the chunk following this number
      mFormat = new char[4];, 4); //Should contain 'WAVE'
      if (!strcmp(mFormat,"WAVE"))
        //This is probably a wave file since it contained "WAVE"
        mSubChunkOneID = new char[4];, 4); //Should contain 'fmt '

        mSubChunkOneSize = new char[4];, 4); //Size of the rest of the Subchunk following this number

        mAudioFormat = new char[2];, 2); //PCM = 1, other values mean there is some type of file compression

        mNumChannels = new char[2];, 2); //1 mono, 2 stereo, etc.

        mSampleRate = new char[4];, 4); //The sample rate of the audio

        mByteRate = new char[4];, 4); //mSampleRate * mNumChannels * mBitsPerSample/8

        mBlockAlign = new char[2];, 2); //mNumChannels * mBitsPerSample/8

        mBitsPerSample = new char[2];, 2); //8 bits = 8, 16 bits = 16, 24 bits = 24, etc.

        mSubChunkTwoID = new char[4];, 4); //Should contain 'data'

        mSubChunkTwoSize = new char[4];, 4); //How many bytes of sound data we have:
                                          //mNumSamples * mNumChannels * mBitsPerSample/8, *mSubChunkTwoSize); //Read in all of the sound data

        myfile.close(); //Close the file
        cerr << "Error: RIFF file but not a wave file" << endl; 
      cerr << "Error: not a RIFF file" << endl; 
    cerr << "Error: Could not open the file!" << endl;

void Sampler::BufferSample()
  //Make the vectors the same size as the audio data for each channel
  short int *dataPT;
  dataPT = (short int *)mData;
  for (int i = 0, j = 0; i < *mSubChunkTwoSize, j < *mSubChunkTwoSize/2; i += 2, j++)
    //The if else statements are to deal with the fact that a short int 
    //has the range of -32768 to 32767. Not sure if this is how I should
    //do it though.
    if (dataPT[i] >= 0)
      mOutputL[j] = dataPT[i]/32767;
      mOutputL[j] = dataPT[i]/32768;
    if (dataPT[i+1] >= 0)
      mOutputR[j] = dataPT[i+1]/32767;
      mOutputR[j] = dataPT[i+1]/32768;

void Sampler::NextSample(double &leftOutput, double &rightOutput)
  //The playhead scrolls through the file until it reaches the end.
  //A signal is then sent that the sample is done and it can free
  //a voice.
  leftOutput = mOutputL[mPlayhead];
  rightOutput = mOutputR[mPlayhead];
  if (mPlayhead == mOutputL.size())

void Sampler::Reset()
  mPlayhead = 0;
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