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Originally Posted by marce View Post
Step by Step:

1-Add ReaTune to the FX of the audio track you want "convert" to midi.
2-Inside Reatune check "Send MIDI events when pitch changes"
3-Go to the "I/O Routing" of the Audio track. Route it to the track where you have your midi synth, under "SENDS": Route ONLY the MIDI data "All channels to All channels". In the Audio combo box route "None to Channel 1/2"
4-Go to the "I/O Routing" of the MIDI Track. Select the Audio track in your "RECEIVES" (if you did the previous step well, it is done automatically)
5-You are done.

Tip 1: If you want, you can select an specific midi channel instead of all them.

Tip 2: You can put GSNAP or any other AUTOTUNE in the fx sidechain before REATUNE, to make more easy for REATUNE to recognize the pitch of your audio.

Cool! Thanks! I got the new track to record the midi events, and i hear the synth sound.

One more silly question. Say I wanted a tuba, or flute, or sax, or whatever play these midi do I get that?
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