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yeah, this is a common thing with harmonziers, octavers, pitcharoosthingys - the delay to process a stable signal often just muds up on faster things. This may be where higher sample rates might give more accurate/faster results. It's like high speed camera footage of a bullet hitting an apple - more pictures are taken in smaller amount of time so the playback will be really in-focus, and smooth. Maybe this is the reason nobody can make a decent vst or dx harmonizer that works in "realtime" (5ms or lower) without having all the artifacts. - but Art, you are right in what you said though- lower numbers cause it to jump around a bit, while lower numbers (increased latency) gives more accurate pitches. People have been asking for a smart "vocal harmonizer" plug-in for years in many forums, maybe it just can't be done with current processors and sample rates - We need faster everything!


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