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Originally Posted by LordByron View Post
I just updated Reaper to the latest version and new whenever I open Reaper I get an message that it cannot load inputs from the Logidy. :/

The Logidy control software recognizes the device and Reaper knows its there, since I have added and enabled the Logidy as a midi device that can send command input, but clearly there is some kind of issue here.

Any thoughts or solutions would be great!
Sorry to resurrect an old thread but...

I just bought a Lodigy UMI3 and having no luck getting Reaper to see it. Most of the searches I've done result in "this is really easy" and "works out of the box".

Clearly I'm dim.

Do I need to add this as a midi device in Reaper? If so, how... it does not show up as a specific device. I can add it as an input under HUI etc... but this doesn't do anything with Reaper. Just trying to use it as a transport control. The device is recognized in windows and the Lodigy control software is connected. Ive tried control messages, program messages etc etc. Nothing.

There's mention of "enabling control messages" in the midi device setup, but I can't find that anywhere.

I'm sure I'm missing something... help?

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