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Default Logidy UMI3 setup

Just bought one of these and maybe I can help. When you first plug it in; LOGIDY should automatically show up in the Midi devices.Make sure its enabled+control enabled.This way it sends info.Next, go to ACTIONS and type in transport or whatever you want to control.After having this page opened in REAPER, bring up the LOGIDY page and click on EVENT and scroll to PROGRAM and uncheck RELEASE message.Then back to REAPER ACTIONS page, add PLAY and a pop up window will open and you step on footswitch button 1.This should trigger that action in REAPER.Do the same for button 2 STOP and 3 RECORD. You can program whatever action you want the footswitch to do. Save in Logidy page by clicking FILE. The manual isnt too clear, so I did trial and error and mine seems to work.Hope this helps!
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