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Originally Posted by winbe View Post
Well, I see on the web page that you can buy the soundfont as well... you have to choose between "Vsti" or "soundfont" ? Soundfont is in this case a wiser choice, as it will work even in 10 years from now... (I bought it ten years ago and can still play with it, and no installation required)
See. ANOTHER example of cowboys and their proliferating, conflicting pseudo-standards. Lets do it in FIFTY ways, and let the user guess. I think what they call DVI is a bastardization between VSTi and soundfont. Not only non-standard, but a mashup of two approaches.

Anyway, I didn't choose the soundfont option (guessed wrong??) because of OTHER problems I have seen with other soundfonts (all working in different ways).

Shit software. Maybe I will stumble on a way to get it working. Maybe not.
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