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Originally Posted by Aleksandr_Oleynik View Post
It does not work locally
Well, I just tested it myself, and it *does* work here - apart from the specific syntax of the message to select the device track I posted. (I guess that's because that OSC action description expects an int, not a float; while ReaConsole sends numbers as float by default? In any case, the toggle pattern I used in the example below works fine.)

I guess you (1) don't have any effects in the master track, and (2) haven't explicitly selected any other tracks in the OSC Control Surface device - so it's still stuck in the default selected track, being track 0 = the master track.

Try inserting an effect in the first two slots of the master track and track 1, then send the OSC message again:

/fx/1,2/fxparam/1,1/value 0.25 0.5
Now send the message

... and send the first message again.

Does that still not work for you?
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