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Default Rendering out Stems with multiple BPM areas

Hello all,

I've been recording a few songs with lots of instruments and we're at around 27 tracks now and we've got several areas in the song that go between 110BPM and 118BPM. Actually we have two that are like that now. And we've come pretty near the finish on one and I'm planning on creating stems for it that I'll take to the studio I've been using to have them do the final mixing and mastering for our next album. Now most the time I'd create the stems using the consolidate/export function under the "File" menu heading. And it's worked out fine for the folks at the studio. But with different time zones in this piece and the other one I simply am ignorant if it will work out on these two songs/projects as easily as it did for my past work.

I am hoping there is someone there in the forum that has done something like this before that can head me in the right direction. Thanks.
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