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Originally Posted by daxliniere View Post
Hey guys,
Today I discovered a bug.

I'm using the LogicPad layout on an iPad and I noticed that on the "Channel Strip" tab, the inserts are displayed incorrectly.

The best way to recreate this is to insert 2 plugins on a track, then go to the Channel Strip tab and select the track you just added plugins to.

You will notice a problem with the "INSERT ON" and "EDIT" widgets.
The names of the 2 plugins you inserted are correctly displayed at the top, but the horizontal bars that form the enable/disable buttons are reversed (insert #1 is at the bottom, insert #2 is above that).
This bug is also present in the "EDIT" column, which allows you to select which plugins' parameters you will edit with the 16 rotary controls on the right of the screen.

I'm using TouchOSC 1.8.1

Please ask if you need more info to hunt down this bug.

I have the same behaviour on android, really annoying. Is there a way to correct this?
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