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Default Sampler audio outs questions

In most sampler software like Kontakt or say GPO5 or SSD, they offer multiple audio outputs.Great!

My M_Audio 2626 doesn't work anymore because the company doesn't support it any longer. So....I bought a Focusrite 2i2 Scarlet that works perfectly with Reaper, but only has 2 outs.

My question is: Does this mean that I cannot use all the audio outs offered by these sampling program engines except buss 1 & 2?

I thought that I could once. Only, when I tried creating folders or busses fed by sends all I hear is outputs 1 & 2. No track separation. Now I'm thinking I need to spend a ton of money on a new 8x8 interface. I'd rather not because, otherwise, I don't multi track anymore.

Everything else works on my system.
Thanks for reading my post.

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