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Default 5th COMP ISSUE

I realized there's another undesirable behavior. If you have two items, you save COMP A on item 1 and COMP B with both item selected, when you select both items COMP A appears as well, even if it belongs only to item 1

This creates a problem. For example when we select TAKE 2 on item 1 and save as COMP A, whenever TAKE 2 is active even if we select both items (1+2) REaper believes that COMP A is selected and don't give me the possibility to save an additional COMP, based on TAKE 2 for Item 1 and TAKE xx for Item 2

Management of Comps should be nested. If I select a certain set of items I will see ONLY COMPS that save a configuration for all those selected items, NOT the ones belonging to single items included in the selection (or they should show up with a different color or something).
Definitely a COMP manager would be much desirable!


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