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Originally Posted by Gianfini View Post
Hi all.

I have made up my mind for days before coming to this post. Actually what drives me is that the current reaper (take) COMP implementation is completely un-usable.
Fixed that for you

So, I'm with you %100 that there needs to a lot of improvements to the comping system. There have been a million threads about the issues with REAPER's Takes system - but really the biggest problem with "takes" is that the comping system really fails.

If you have the time to check this out, I've written a script that creates it's own Comp system. This all needs an update - should probably get thi on ReaPack - maybe later this week.

Still, the same issues involved in splitting items are there. I had intended to make sort of a playlist / comp hybrid to possibly fix that issue, however it involved more manipulation of track chunks than I really want to be doing in a script. The potential solution that you outlined in your post has given me another idea to try - so thanks for that - I'll update if I get anywhere with it.

download (from guithub):

Video tutorial:

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