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Originally Posted by SonicAxiom View Post
quantum leap would be that cross-fades between takes are no longer done via one global fade per item but preserved on an individual cross-fade per-take basis - while comping and also while switching takes manually!
My Comp Script does this - when switching comps at least. Also, the item length and position and startoffset are stored/recalled. This is needed, for example, if you want to A/B between 2 comps where a vocalist has different phrasing.

Currently, the item position and length is stored in REAPER comps (check out Take Comps in the Project Bay) - but this information is not used at all! it just displays the current item position and length. (same is true for startoffset and take volume.)

Would be great to actually store / recall this info - and also store / recall the fade / mute / pan info as well.

I'm not sure if any of that is feasible or even desired behavior when switching takes manually though.
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