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Originally Posted by SonicAxiom View Post
your script seems to offer a variety of very clever features, James. I'll maybe give it a try.

tweaks I do to achieve the optimal transition from take A to take B often make sense uniquely between the two and are not desired for the transitions from take A to any other take. So all individual tweaks related to the transition between two takes need to be stored separately (and not only if I'm switching comps).
Sure, some sort of inter item take relationship would be nice to have.

For anyone looking to try out the script get it here for now.

*The stash is being wacko about updating it seems

There is an issue that I'm trying to track down where deleting / overwriting a single comp OVERWRITES ALL THE COMPS!

So HUGE issue there. I'm not sure if something changed between REAPER versions to break it, or if was broken from the start (I remember this working previously, but may be mistaken)

*Issue may have been on my end with a minor tweak to a string function in my version of the import library. If you had previously downloaded this, you should be fine, but...

I Updated the scripts to a previous beta version that includes more filtering options (filter by selected tracks) and also some small gui tweaks. So re-download it anyway

Since it looks like new features are being added to comps - I'm just going to hold of working on this for now, I had been working on some logic to detect post comp-save splits and deal with them.

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