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We will, No worries. LOL.

Those are the common hurdles of going bleeding edge for production (Manjaro, Arch , Debian Sid...) In other hand stable distros (Debian(-based), *buntus LTS, etc...) are great shortly after released, but as time goes by, as much as 2 or 3 years, they use to fall way behind and the experience can become quite frustrating/annoying.

IMHO, the nicest solution is going for more frequent release cycles, like the latest *buntus, needing frequent full reinstalls, which can be really annoying too. Or just going with a rolling distro, but not bleeding edge (Void Linux, PCLinuxOS...) The problem is that at least those two I've mentioned, besides being really stable and reasonably up to date, lack a lot of audio packages in their repos. For a dedicated DAW system a whole lot of stuff might be needed to be compiled from source... Hard work!

Yes, there's not an obvious best solution for every one. One should study the options and choose the one that suits better for his particular needs.
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