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Originally Posted by Snap View Post
Or just going with a rolling distro, but not bleeding edge (Void Linux, PCLinuxOS...) The problem is that at least those two I've mentioned, besides being really stable and reasonably up to date, lack a lot of audio packages in their repos. For a dedicated DAW system a whole lot of stuff might be needed to be compiled from source... Hard work!
Many apps not in the pclinuxos repos can be installed by using
the alien command to convert a .deb file to a .rpm version.
Or the other way around.
If some 'foreign' lib or dependancy is needed, and it turns out
to 'break' the converted package in Synaptics view, that package
can be hidden from synaptic's scrutiny like this:

rpm -e --justdb bitwig-studio

rpm -e --justdb yoshimi

pclinuxos forum members can ask for apps to be packaged
and added to their repos, in a subforum topic for that purpose,
stating the reason for the desired inclusion,
with a url to the source code. Members can also add a +1
to other peoples requests. Reminds me I need to do that.

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