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Wink More DE choices...OS: MX Linux should be around for a long...

Glad you joined in Loka and James! nice ideas.
smajjl.. 7700k nice no need to really upgrade that is fast Hz. I got bottom rung 8320e on a $100+ pc build. I can run tons (I mean tons) or programs at same time 8 core (i even down clocked it). But I have tweaked for Real Time Recording latency... I am more one man band compilation guy for the moment. Recording one track - mono tracks - all I need right now. Heck Adeles latest songs have at least 32 track takes compiled from what I here in it. And Christina Aguilera sound like her songs are around a 100 track mixture. If you want to hear and play to lay down a track in real time ... thats when you really want low latency. [Hearing your Song and Playing with it WITH NO DELAY] but thats not me at the moment. I have 100 tracks half way through a Dance Song. I want to run parallel Kick drums etc for quick and ez song adjustments on the fly. Intel seems a lil better with "VST" type window plugins nice.
Lokasenna - love your pick too XFCE is faaassst and lightweight and highly customizable. Numix: perfect fit... and I like the darksy side with splash of color for theme/gui! did you modify your 'PLANK' 'here docky docky' all? {you just remided me of what i want installed on DE... do you remember that 3-D cube window for linux,,,, WOW! you just spin the 6 sided cube with your mouse... faster than window type pages,,, and way fun. getting back... Are you going to stick with numix? any workarounds needed... XFCE might be my choice for REAL TIME LOW LATENCY recording (if I don't end up compiling lol)
UH OH: James... you do not have to worry about ubuntu at all etc. MX is hottest? flavor of linux now maybe... and only released a few years ago.. "At its core, you might even consider MX Linux to be very Ubuntu-like in terms of being pre-configured to make the user experience as simple and as straightforward as possible. The difference however, *is that if Ubuntu disappeared tomorrow*, MX Linux would be largely unaffected while Linux Mint might have to retool to get away from their Ubuntu core"- (lmde Cindy or fedora is my back up right now and if a HUGE company sunk the ubuntu core kernel!!!! be a sad day for me... but i will regroup quickly. "MX Linux includes a Live USB kernel updater, remastering and cloning tool. These are useful for anyone looking to overcome a kernel issue or simply to customize their own version of MX Linux that meets their specific needs..."
Please post more on how you like Reaper on XFCE/Numix and MX linux... smooth not buggy... any issues? James and/or Lokasenna what sound card/interface are you using? thanks bless s wave.
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