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Yeah the plan used to be, have my second computer for Linux but I lend it away and that turned into, gave it away.
Yeah thinking back, Manjaro have given me little problems for what ever I am up to, it was only that Bitwig thing, but that can be solved.
What ever problem could Of Cource be me, it is just that, I am pretty eager to land somewhere just about now *LoL

You are such a nerd also I think, "capable novice"..
I could take the easy way of, I will use what you are using or other Linux people here, but we are using different it seems to me so (wait for it..) .. *i'll do it, myyyyy --- WaaaaayyYyh

You seems to be good at take advantage (street smart) of what you've got in a cool way I think and if you sing and stuff, then a good mic can not be found in someones trashcan I think.
I was about to say I must install/look at that Ardour thing.. think I will watch some Youtube see how someone who knows it can demonstrate it good for me.

So Ubuntu got the Cononical thing'ie.
Debian could be a mess'ie
Arch has a "scary" AUR stuff and one might have to compile stuff'ie?
Fedora is not Debian? I thought that "all my life" it is ssssponsored by Red Hat and Fedora is eum eum Fedora?

Rupert Neve?
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