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Arrow Hay hey HAY LOL nice post love it....

Fedora is the playground (test sight etc) for Red Hat... Red hat is commercial monster
Very similar...
Hard to find a good mic in a trash can... But you can get new akg dynamic new *very good' $19 or berhinger (8500) sm58 knock off for $10 used. I used old sony 1960 unbalanced mic for a year... got it for $3 still used it especially if i want a dark ribbon mic sound. Oh yea you can make nice ribbon mic with tinfoil hammer and a magnet... free.

Like Fedora, Debian is very focused on free and open source software. A good judgement of whether a particular software project is truly free and open source software can be made on the basis of whether it is available via the Debian and Fedora repositories.
Both projects have a large body of collective knowledge from the community in the form of community governance, policies, and packaging guidelines.

🔗 Differences
Debian uses the deb format, dpkg package manager, and apt-get dependency resolver. Fedora uses the RPM format, the RPM package manager, and dnf dependency resolver.

Debian has free, non-free and contrib repositories, while Fedora has a single global repository that contains only free software applications. Debian has a larger repository with over 20,000 software packages. Fedora has around 15,000 software packages, although it should be taken into account that Fedora does not include a non-free or contrib repository.

Unlike Fedora, Debian does not follow a time-based release model

The 'RPM' package manager is considered the best by many...? IMO too.

Ardour 4 or 5 is good free back up DAW... I cut my teeth on it. Ive made song with 100 tracks and filters etc. But is a lil behind Reaper with 64 log-rhythm computation... Those extra computations give you a better plot line on the sine/wave or sound more accurate... and audacity is ok for 192hz too.

Rupert NEVE is the legend who made preamps in the 1960s; a gold standard for tube recording... signal noise ratio ] special slightly distorted warm sound etc.

I am no expert. I recorded on tape 2" for a few years. Now digital is sick... don't have to worry about noise or noise floor any more. Set a noise gate. Do floating bit 32 or 64 - you're good to go.

"The absence of limitations is the enemy of art" Orson Welles

Being able to 'overdrive' or distort a sound slightly with control has been key for my recording. In a recording studio they usually use the broken Toys r Us toy tambourine NOT the $400 one. It just sits in the mix much better. Anyway I, like you, are crash coursing DIGITAL... started 1 year and 10 months ago.

There is good and bad music... if you like it its good... Louis Armstrong.

Go smajjL go! I need a rock solid DAW (Reaper) ardour backup and my playground to make mistakes on purpose and laugh at myself... even a blind squirrel finds a nut... tc
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