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Unhappy DE subtle differences... bout flash?

Decent info - -The main difference between MATE and Cinnamon is the technology used to build them. MATE is based on old Gnome 2, which is stable, tried and true. Because of it has been around for so much longer, tools have been developed for it which makes Gnome 2 highly compatible with most software and also highly configurable (for example, you can run Compiz on it). As far as I know reason Mint team decided to make MATE was that the folks at Gnome had moved on from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3, and so Gnome 2 was no longer being maintained or developed further. So Mint forked Gnome 2 and made MATE, which allows the Mint devs to develop Gnome 2 as they see fit to keep the old Gnome 2 desktop experience going....The reason Cinnamon came about was that Mint was trying to make a usable desktop using the newer Gnome 3 technology. But Gnome 3 was going the route of the Gnome Shell, which didn't offer the same desktop experience that the old Gnome 2 desktop did. The Mint devs were able to make Gnome Shell (based on Gnome 3) more like the old Mint desktop we all love by adding extensions to it. Hence was born MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions). After a while, I think the Mint devs felt it was better to just fork Gnome 3 altogether and rebuild it from the ground up in their own image, which became Cinnamon (stable too).
So maybe its a basic using a particular program to SHELL... problem?
quote "MATE is a fork of GNOME 2 started by Perberos. As that started to attract other developers and users, the the fork grew into a full-fledged project: MATE is developed independently of Linux Mint, though Clem has a facilitating role on the MATE project team also. Linux Mint was the first distro to ship MATE and from the start Clem has seen the potential and importance of this project for Linux Mint users. The Linux Mint project and the MATE project regularly help each other"
So there are little differences. I think alot of my problems with internet or firefox came with FLASH or Adobe Flash and how that worked with my DE flavour. (I had similar issues with OPERA.)
Doesn't it make sense... we have programs we can open up in say Fire Fox browser! WOW to me that means that now that is different program w/ different hardware etc. (that is for ever changing)(I don't know how you can have secure pcs while running a wide open generic FLASH) maybe thats the reason for FLASH lawsuits. The programs have to be run by Unix Windows Apple Linux on an on. I don't think that could ever be secure (AND CONCISE PROGRAM) with a 'one size fits all' mentality. [If all OS types can interact with it... seems sensible then all OS problems can hack into it. /// BUT doesn't it make sense that almost any of that crud could trigger an error in you DE or OS or other? lol
I had problems with Firewalls and all kinds of things. Some little problem can creep up from many areas for me. I had problems compiling DOOM game ZANDRONUM on linux, My main problem was that the PPA or PERSONALLY ADDED (unknown program) triggered something on my PC. (I could not get good sound until I also added the TIMIDTY sound program pooof fixed. On a different PC that didnt work but when I changed settings in the ALSAMIXER that worked! Beyond me}
I even created problems by loading JACK1 instead of JACK2 and vice versa.

I LOVE TO HAVE SYSTEM LOG ROLLING in separate window IF I CHANGE anything on my PC///!!! If I see and error or there is unwanted change on my PC I go back one step - say TOTALLY UNINSTALL that program or undo what I did.

Like the great James Beard said "Too many CHEFs in the kitchen salt and pepper is a condiment" do not cook with them....lolol tc wat dat mean?
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