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Sorry that I again seem too stupid to do this, but GitHub again does not let me edit the not working file.

I was easily able to edit an already committed file by finding it in the appropriate directory and pushing some edit button.

But the file with errors found by the system (you did comment on this) is not found in the directory, and from the pull request I can't find/display the source in some straight way. And once I was able to, the Edit button was deactivated due to "not on the branch"-

How to decently edit a not yet committed file ?

Moreover there are two open pull requests I uploaded as a first try. I still need to add appropriate header lines, but of course I am not able to, as well.

Here I posted the (still unanswered) question, if it is OK to place them in (the not yet existing) /Scripts/Utility directory, as they are closely connected to the JSFXes I uploaded to the appropriate "Utility" directory.

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