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- Found ReaTeam_GitPlayground
- I set it to be "watched"
- "New Pull Request" -> "Create new Pull request" is grayed. Me: "???"
- Alternative: "create new File" -> Editor. Me: Inputting some lines
- Commented and "Propose new file"
- "Create Pull request"
- existing comment is displayed. Me: edited same -> "comment and create pull request" (or similar)
- Seemingly done for now
- I closed the browser

Waiting for an email notification by github.
Seemingly not happening. (While I do get notifications from a new "ReaScript" project, very recently created and discussed.) Me: "???"


Wanting to edit the file
- ->
- click "nofishfriday/...."
- No mentioning of the new file on this page. Me: "???" (Can't find a not yet committed file for intended editing.)


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