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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
I'd suggest including uninstall instructions if possible. I gave it a quick go and really liked some things but found the look of it completely overwhelming so I wanted to try blending it with aspects of my own configuration and totally borked my install in the process.

Another suggestion, if it makes sense at all, consider a more modular type of install. Like if I could import the menus, maybe not the toolbar, but keep things like the custom scripts/actions into my existing configuration with my overall theme and/or key commands, I'd be in a happy place. Someone might want entirely different elements.

Also, I'm on a widescreen monitor and as a potential bug report: the toolbar along the top of the screen began to repeat itself towards the right edge of my screen.
Yeah, I too was thinking about the modular approach, but it requires a big amount of effort to code it and prepare it. Might happen in the future, who knows. The problem is that a lot of things depend on each other and to separate it would take a considerable amount of time I cannot afford right now.

But you should be able to import your own toolbars from an existing installation. Menus and scripts/macros are so interdependent on each other that it would not make sense to separate them. Just import your custom actions and custom toolbars from the existing installation and it should all work.

Originally Posted by Mottemania View Post
I am totally excited, but unfortunately I cant get it to work. I have a fresh portable install und copied all your files, like it is written in the PDF. But here is wether a message box coming up nor any toolbar. Its just a fresh reaper
Install fresh reaper - RUN IT ONCE and close it. Afterward, copy files to folder where you installed REAPER and run it again. You should be notified the initial REAPER ReWorked setup has been completed.

Originally Posted by matv View Post
Thanks for sharing your great work
trying to understand the default project
Could you explain it a bit?
And any example for MIDI ripple editing
You first need to enable it (Num5 or Alt+A or click this button in MIDI toolbar) and then use keyboard shortcuts to move the notes or drag the position of the notes (I couldn't do it for the rest of the mouse modifiers because REAPER doesn't allow ripple editing works with all keyboard shortcuts to move, position, stretch notes etc...and only works for mouse when selecting and draging notes to change their position).

It's best to right-click the empty piano roll area and go to Editor options -> Numpad editing and just play with it. I use it in tandem with step input mode (turned on by the button next to ripple edit button or Ctrl+Num5 or Ctrl+-). Using both ripple edit and step input enabled practically turns REAPER MIDI Editor into a notation/tab editing tool similar to Guitar Pro or Sibelius.

I have no idea how it feels to you people working with this without any proper manual. I'm sure there will be questions and I will try to answer them as I can but please bear in mind that I simply cannot afford the time to write the proper manual and I will probably pay someone with the money earned to do it. IMHO, it would be best to simply list all the menu entries and toolbar buttons and expand on each of those while explaining little corner cases while at it.

As a side note, because I see a lot of people are complaining (and rightfully so, I don't think it was a good decision on my part) about duplication of toolbar buttons, I've removed the duplication now so free to redownload (or just remove double buttons from Arrange and MIDI Editor Top toolbar). I've also updated the manual to explain how to solve "too long file path" errors.

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