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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Ah, I see. The download is 187MB (~350MB uncompressed). Wow, that is huge I think.
I too was surprised. But it's interesting to note that one of the selling points of REAPER is low memory footprint, yet when one customizes it fully its size can end up much more.

Originally Posted by adXok View Post
The Menus organisation is extremely well done! (or maybe because I am from Eastern Europe as well...)
Thank you!
Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Hi, Breeder
I noticed that when I was exploding the channels of a stereo file (aduio clip), the output of the action was 2 separate .wv (WavaPack) files.
Is this something a can change, because I couldn't find any appropriate setting for that behaviour?

i think it used to be .wav by default - what the project render settings are. Not sure though how that is by default in Reaper clean install.

Maybe some quirks will pop up in the near future as well, as I plan to use your ReWorked mod.
It's because of the format set in Project settings under Media/Format for Apply FX, Glue, Freeze. But now that you mention it, maybe it would be better to set default projects to use normal wav.

Thanks for giving it a go man! I hope it's super useful to you!

Originally Posted by adXok View Post
as it's bneen set up to your workflow and with Izone MonitoringFX (I use Sonarworks)
Monitoring FX is per-configuration. So if you edit it, it gets edited for the whole REAPER - it's not dependant on the specific project. I've removed the whole reaper-hwoutfx.ini from REAPER ReWorked now so it doesn't clash with existing setups.

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