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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
It IS brilliant. But I personally can't think of a proper usage for it right now - if I get any good ideas and I find them useful, I will probably implement them. Right now, I do not think feature requests will be taken into consideration unless someone is willing to pay properly for my time here - I'm currently in between changing places of residence and I also have my other projects to attend to - REAPER ReWorked is a big project anyway - I think it's smart to let it cool for a while and let people try and play with it. My first priority is, if it takes off, is to get a volunteer to write a manual for it and pay that person with the part of the money earned. I would rather see REAPER ReWorked stay as it is with a superb manual than to develop features.

Collaboration? Why not, if anyone is serious enough, you can always shoot a PM
Yes, I thought it might not be included and the scripted menus have to be made individually. I understand now, because I am not a developer and know almost next to nothing about coding and scripts.

Need more testing (working with and getting used to your mods). Everything looks very promising! I am hyped!

P.s. Regarding a Manual... I am sceptical about that. Truth is, none reads Manuals unless they hit a brick-wall. I know I rarely do. And I've got most of them even printed out on paper. I do not want to discourage you. You will do what you think it's best for the project.
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