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Default DAWUser-dawuser problem

Merry DuX-mas :-)
I have just installed DuX' new slipstreamed XP (version 2). Installation went ok, no problem, but... when XP starts it asks for an administrator password. I've tried everything but to no avail. From the previous thread (linked by DuX above) I get that it was supposed to be user "DAWUser" and password "dawuser", but this simply does not work.

I've installed and reinstalled three times now, same thing. During installation I only change some regional settings. Especially, I do not touch anything related to the administrator (or any other) account.

Note, the first version of the DuXP I had no problems with. It simply logged on the (single) XP user without asking for any password. Of course, that was more to my liking, but I've seen some people reporting similar problems as the one I now have with DuXPv2. I've seen no real solution, though.

Any ideas, anyone...?
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