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1. Yep, Terminal Services are actually a security threat, so it is advisable to disable those if not using Sony software.

2. DHCP. If you know your IP, Gateway [router address] and DNS servers you can disable this service as well and configure your interent connection manually. That`s one of the first things I do in a freshly installed XP. Go to Start>Control Panel>Network Connections, right click on your Internet LAN connection, choose "properties", click TCP/IP and there you go. While at it, untick all other stuff like Microsoft networking, as it`s not necessary for Internet connection. Only TCP/IP protocol should be turned on there [ticked ].

Prior to disabling DHCP you can find out what`s your IP, Gateway and DNS` when you type ipconfig/all in CMD [console]. When you enter the DNS servers, you can also safely disable the DNS service, too. Network works more smoothly without those two.

In fact, nothing "auto" works well in Windows, so you`re always better off configuring stuff manually. CD auto start is a can of worms for example. More like a can of trojans, as people are using USB flash keys for carrying the data around, they carry the trojans and viruses, too, so when such USB key autostarts... boom-you get infected in an instant. That`s why I completely disabled the "Shell Hardware Detection" service that deals with auto-starts. It`s much much safer that way.

3. Yea I left DEP at OptIn. It doesn`t slow things down and it can prevent the spread of a virus/trojan infection. Theoretically at least... I am very sceptical about anything MicroSoft programmed, and not just because I dislike the firm [more like i really dislike their corporate practices, not the firm itself], but due to all the bad experiences I have had with their apps. IME, nothing MS works really well, and it`s their operating system they`re programming their apps for. That`s really a remarkable achievement eh? The most extraordinary thing about it is that they keep trying to push their badly programmed apps and their proprietary formats down our throat, no matter what. Plain stupid [but understandable from the corporate point of view]. Considering their programmers abilities, I`m simply amazed how Windows XP is working at all. It must be a miracle, or maybe the aliens programmed Windows for them .

Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.

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