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Default Some codes to send the MCU

Justin, it looks like REAPER doesn't currently send out data for the following indicators, so if you need the details...

example of one that is implemented (in case my format is confusing!)...
loop activate ? 7F5690 : 005690 (toggle on/off)

metronome active ? 7F4C90 : 004C90
any solo active ? 7F7390 : 007390
all FX bypass ? 7F4B90 : 004B90
play rate!=1.0 ? 7F6590 : 006590

finally not sure if the "mono" indicator is supposed to represent a master mono mix mode or mono monitoring (there's a tongue twister!) but...
mono mode ? 7F4E90 : 004E90

(dim & scrub are also unassigned.. at this point )

Also for the right "dots" to the right of each digit in the time display (used for readability in the different timing modes)...

from left to right the indicators (i) are numbered 9 to 0 (0 being to the right of the last digit)

dot lit ? 404iB0 : 004iB0

So for MS - indicators 3 & 5 should be on
For Measures & Beats - indicators 5 & 7 should be on
For Seconds - indicator 3 should be on
For Samples - none of the indicators should be on
and for HMSF - indicators 3, 5 & 7 should be on

Hope that's useful!

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