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Default Make all dialogs follow theme background (etc.) colors

As listed by Breeder, seven years ago in then v4.11 pre thread... I have also added some new dialogs which weren't listed there.

These windows don`t react to Window background, Window edit background and Window list background color options:
  • Dynamic split
  • Click Source Properties
  • Nudge/Set items
  • Scale Finder
  • Customize menu/toolbars
  • Transient Detection settings
  • External timecode synchronization
  • FX Window
  • Parameter Modulation
  • Track/item/input/monitor FX window
  • JS FX interface (both plugin and code edit mode)
  • ReaPlugs (of course!)
  • Browser in Media Explorer (Explorer based)
  • Track Recording Settings
  • Quantize Events
  • Humanize Notes
  • Transpose MIDI
  • Event/note Properties
  • Add text/sysex/bank/program event
  • Scale finder
  • Edit ornament/custom notation/lyric
  • Create tuplet
  • Enter chord
  • Notation display quantization (and About display quantization)
  • Preferences
  • Project Settings
  • Every window from File menu (Render to file, Save live output to disk (bounce), Queued renders, Consolidate tracks, Export project MIDI, Batch file converter)
  • Add Marker
  • Insert Time Signature Marker
  • Edit Time Signature
  • Jump to time/marker/region
  • Insert tracks
  • Snap/Grid Settings
  • Metronome Settings
  • Take Comp Name
  • Locking settings
  • Peaks display settings
  • Export configuration
  • Advanced UI/system tweaks
  • Add joystick MIDI
  • Advanced Disk I/O Options
  • More information about displaying multiple media items in a single MIDI editor
  • Show available decoder information
  • ReWire Slave Project Settings
  • Add control surface
  • Add external editor
  • ReaScript user input dialog
  • ReaScript console
  • [developer] Debug console

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