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Default how does reaper interpret time code on an audio track

I'm trying to sync audio recorded on reaper to video.
Used to use expensive Ambient Lockit device, where reaper just slave to a USB-connected timecode device during recording, while reaper chases it and lay audio tracks as needed.

Now I'm trying a cheaper/simpler solution with Tentacle Sync ( Looks like now the time code is an audio signal from this device through XLR. You can connect the output of the device and a DSLR's mic input, so the video records an audio time code while shooting. With a second device, I believe I can record identical audio time code as a track into reaper.

So ... once imported, is there an easy way that reaper interpret the time code audio track as its clock, then snap different audio / video with audio, tracks, to their intended time location?

As before, time code is a bit confusing. Thanks in advance!

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