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Originally Posted by Futur8me View Post
No not until the developers update Reapers GUI code to run smoother on macOS.., as has been said already is that if FL Studio can all move and look sharp on macOS then Reaper can be made to run smoother and look better on macOS also.


Even FLStudio benefits from this 'fix' though.

FLStudio also has a much simpler GUI and begins to lag very badly when you have many things open.

I own the best machine you can buy from Apple, and I can make FLStudio's GUI crawl to a snails pace without too much effort. Put the same project on a 2013 iMac and it runs fine.

That said, FLStudio does work nicely with basic workflows. Reaper is pretty sluggish and ugly in those scenarios. The comparison is definitely valid.
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