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Originally Posted by Bobflip View Post
Yeah, went straight for IPlugEffect, figure it's always best to start with that and work up!
Which version of XCode and which SDK did you have selected? I've tried 8.1 on El Capitan and 6.2 on Mavericks and various iterations of SDK combinations but no luck.

I either get a bunch of parse errors with NSObject.h, NSEnumerator etc, or a linker error saying "linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)" and "ld: library not found for -lpng16"
I am using Xcode 8.3 so there might be a problem... 10.11 SDK.

The problem might be in link order. Look at this picture. lpng16 must be above all cairo stuff...

EDIT: lice.a must be at the lowest place!

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