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I've added "Show ReaPack about dialog for the focused JSFX" to ReaTeam Scripts. It supports track FX as well as item FX.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I meant the "Button".
It's right there on that page (it's more a "Edit this list" link than a button you might say).

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Great to know that this already seems to be possible. I would like to try this, even if it does not make much sense as long as there is no Help Menu entry for the Reaper users to easily find it. So could you elaborate on "build an index file", so that I can try to provide an example ?
The index format is documented here:

Caveats to have in mind:
- Documentation cannot be displayed on the Linux port yet
- The index must list at least one file per package with a download URL (you can put one such as http://not/for/download for testing only to bypass this limitation)
- Using ReaPack not to actually install stuff is kind of a hack (because it's not made to do that – see above point)

I think this idea has potential – let's continue talking about this on the development thread to not clutter this one.

@Philbo King

Nice suggestion, I've added that on the wiki.

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