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Originally Posted by benf View Post
Thanks for answering. Most of the time, I modify volume with big steps. So if I need to lower the steps, I just have to add a button to latch from big to fine steps by applying a different coefficient.
For big steps I am using the 1dB volume change actions, up and down. For finer changes you could use something else. Having the right 1dB value settings is not a bad starting point. At least it is very comfortable to change from any input device:
- qwerty, big
- qwerty, small of laptop
- something like ShuttleXpress for the left hand, using two outest buttons there, one for 1db up, other for 1db down, but then you have lots of clack clack sounds, but then you can divide work among two hands, right hand does mouseovering on any track, be it on tcp or mcp, no click needed anywhere, just mouseovering, left hand can do immediately 1db up or down, together with this custom action:
PHP Code:
Select track under mouse
me2beats_Nudge selected tracks volume down by 1 db.lua 
You never need to see any mixer for this, take a huge arrange, mouseover, up or down 1dB. You can mix from any situation, immediately. Only possible with Reaper superpowers. Stoneagedaws like Cubase or Krüppelmididaws like Ableton Live can go home.

Btw. the project looks great, gratulations and thanks for sharing your ideas and results. You lower device seems to me like a big knob, something like ShuttleXpress, plus a few buttons, so like a qwerty, only less keys.

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