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Default Edgemeal Software for Windows

Someone suggested I make a thread to list and announce updates for my various REAPER apps, so here it is.

For MS Windows Only! (US ENGLISH / Win7 / Win10)
* Use at your own risk!

Action History
History with Auto Suggest for the Actions window.

Arrange FX
Add, Edit and change order of your favorite FX folders.

Get Control ID Under Mouse
Get control IDs of top-level windows for use with js_ReaScriptAPI functions, etc..

A toolbar button arranger. Copy, move toolbar buttons, duplicate toolbars, etc..

Reaper Preset Sorter
Sort, move, change names,etc of Preset files.
Download v0.15,

Reaper v5 Whats New
Download latest pre-release info and files, Copy text as BBCODE for posting to forum.

AOT for Reaper
Make windows in REAPER always on top, move windows to mouse.

VB.Net Programing
Examples written in VB.Net using Visual Studio 2010.

Reaper Media Sender
Add media, Track templates, change Themes. REAPER v5.78pre4 adds WM_COPYDATA support.

LICEcap Snap
Resize and move LICEcap perfectly over a target window and start the capture.

Launching custom scripts

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