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About the battery thing:
Most, if not almost all modern smartphones and tablets don't use LCD's anymore, they use some form or variation of of OLED or PLED (Polymer LED) displays which does emit light from every pixel individually and thus dark themes do save significant amount of power.

This is one of the reasons the mainstream use of dark themes started out in the smartphone and tablet apps and then have migrated from there to the desktop since we use so many software on both our cellphones and on our desktops these days.

The main driver for dark themes on desktop is that it reduces eye fatigue and issues with your circadian rhythm (since it's always bright in your brains point of view, your brain doesn't know it's getting late and that it should start producing hormones that are supposed to make you feel tired, so you don't and that messes up with your sleep)

But dark themes were already used by almost all programmers before this current trend for decades on their programming environments. It really helps with eye fatigue when you spend 8 hours a day in front of the screen when the text is light gray instead of white and background is black etc.

I'd recommend everyone who is capable of choosing dark themes instead bright ones... it really does help with eye strain
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