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Originally Posted by Evan View Post
From a first quick look, I (also) do not like the new R6 theme.

Not because it's dark (dark is great).

But because I find too many annoyances on first sight.

  • Contrast is bad overall. Pale buttons. Light gray fonts on dark gray background is a "wtf" type of mistake in my book.
  • Pixel-thin fonts and artwork (e.g. fx/trim buttons) is hard on the eyes.
  • A mix of different styles... Gradient (pseudo 3d) vs Flat knobs and faders. The Theme can't decide the era it lives on... is it 8bit pixel artwork? Perhaps skeuromorphic? Or no.. maybe flat low-contrast material design? Throw them all in let the user decide.
  • Some things still look unfinished... the MIDI editor is partially light themed (piano roll, bottom toolbar). The Cockos fx are still bright. etc...
Those were all brought up months ago when WT first had the theme out for testing; he's happy with things as they are and doesn't seem interested in discussing it.
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