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Originally Posted by Icchan View Post
individually and thus dark themes do save significant amount of power.
I'd say that is only the driver of preference for a tiny portion of people who are now choosing dark themes on their phones.

But dark themes were already used by almost all programmers before this current trend for decades on their programming environments. It really helps
In the Old Dayz sonny we only had one flavor, "actinic white text on dark phosphor coated glass" with our TRS-80's, and we loved it!

I'd recommend everyone who is capable of choosing dark themes instead bright ones... it really does help with eye strain

I'd suggest that also... there is probably a percentage of the population suffering from post-vitreal detachment but they don't know it, and for people approaching the age of 60 they're most certainly suffering from it and don't realize it yet. Personal theory it creates glare that affects high-contrast, high intensity situations and that it's a very prevalent thing.

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