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Default 1) Linking to Source Connect 2) 2 CEntrance

Thank you Robin so much for your most useful reply and the Source Connect RTS check list.

Having just needed one voice and one mic in the past, new requests for ADR leads to the need for a two mic configuration

I had thought I needed a really high end digital interface, boasting low latency,
but I think I am right in saying that this is only really critical when using lots of channels and plugins and FX - here I shall have just a dry two mic recording linking to two channels linking to Reaper then to source connect. So the choice of digital interface will not cause timing problems with the remote studio - my issue is understanding if the digital interface needs to sync with the time code in the DAW/reaper - as I see they have ext clock connections - but I thing I understand now that these are only for connections IN a studio when syncing hardware such as PT Native Hardware and midi devices. Here as a simple two mic ADR config I do not need these high end digital interfaces - a good 4 channel interface with low latency will suffice. As I mentioned I have been over joyed with CENTRANCE MIC PORT pro that serves 1 mic and so their new MixerFace product would seem to offer a solution to connect two mics into Reaper into 2 channels - I am assuming this will not be one mic on the one side and the other mic on the other side in one stereo channel.
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