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No to op.87 - but I did edit the complete, live Beethoven sonatas performed by Tatjana Nikolayeva, release on the Olympia label. The first I think to be released by a female pianist. The opportunities for editing were relatively few - we simply had the masters from the live performances with no patches, so all one could do was to take tiny bits from repeats where necessary, and where possible. The great majority were necessary because it appeared that if a member of the audience had a very bad cough, the concert managers invited them to sit nearest to the mics and to make as much disturbance as possible. Perhaps I am being unsympathetic to those who have to endure the Russian winter.

I also recall being in the audience at her final Wigmore Hall concert in London - she received a huge bunch of flowers at the end, and then decided to play an encore - she laid the flowers actually inside the piano, and of course it then didn't function very well, requiring her to stop and remove them, much to the amusement of the very affectionate English audience.

Sorry guys, getting off topic...
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