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Default Organizational suggestions


As far as I can see, the scope of work for test4 is 10,033 strings (43,105 words, which equals in quantity to around 173 standard pages of a book). This is UI however, rather than belletristic. UI translation requires much more time and effort.

A skilled professional translator, equipped with relevant tools, would do the job within 20 full working days. In my opinion, such a work might be quite a challenge for an amateur, even working with sheer enthusiasm and without pressure of deadline. I would like to suggest some organizational means.

- All translators should have list of DNT (Do Not Translate) terms, such as Progress1, List1 etc. Otherwise someone would have to solve numerous technical bugs, which might be time-consuming and tedious task.

- There must be central queries support provided. I would propose a public Q&A list in order to avoid answering the same questions again and again (for experts) or searching forum (for translators). Columns of the list: Term in question, Query, Answer. Please note that loads of terms are cryptic or highly technical and in my opinion they do need explantions. Please note also, that moderator of such a list should be helpful and patient. Many "stupid" questions might be not as stupid as they initially apper to be in localization context.

- Taking into account frequent updates to Reaper, localized UI could be in form of association table (content of strings loaded into application by identifiers). I think that updates should NOT contain previously translated strings. Updates should be simply appended to previous table.

- Translators definitively should not test their own work, so testers would be needed.

Hope this helps.

I am willing and able to help with localization into Polish language.

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