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Originally Posted by FranÁ View Post
Windows 10 has audio stack improvements.

Why Microsoft's Windows 10 Audio And MIDI APIs Are A big Deal

Enabling Great Audio Experiences in Windows 10
Yep, for WDM/WASAPI only. Not ASIO - Microsoft has nothing to do with ASIO since ASIO is owned by Steinberg/Yamaha.

Originally Posted by gofer View Post
until Win 10 has settled a bit and stay calm while I read about its teething troubles
I honestly hope there will be much less of that compared to W8 release... MS got very serious about their testing, they have three levels of that now: inside MS, fast lane, slow lane. Proper agile development where they can respond to user feedback much faster (previously, betas were monolithic and were basically the final product, there was no time to implement any feedback up until the next SP). I wish them all the best, they're really on the verge of something great here.
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