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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
That's telling you what info Cortana uses (mostly from an AI perspective) in order provide its features and has nothing to do with sharing your personal contacts or your personal data with others and everything to do with telling you how it is used for your own personal use.
This is your interpretation. What the text actually says is that "Microsoft collects and uses various types of data, such as...". Perhaps you will agree that this text is not some negligent mistake. It had been carefully crafted and reviewed by multiple instances. If Microsoft wanted to make you calm, it would say that collected data would not be used for any other purpose than improving Cortana's suggestions to you. And that this data would not be shared with any third party, maybe with some exclusions such as law enforcement. Does it say this? No. Unless you have a quote.

Not much different than the "we store data on our servers" when using OneDrive - because that's what OneDrive does, stores data in the cloud; or lock screen and other settings so it can be synced on your other devices - It stores them in your OneDrive account and pulls them down for you.
Again, this is your interpretation. What they say is that they store *and* use that data. And they don't say in a clear and legally binding way what they mean by "use". Again, it would be naive to think that Microsoft didn't clarify this by negligence. So...

Sure you can say "they have it, they 'could' use it to do bad things" (even though it is highly encrypted) but that isn't what the text actually states nor what it means but you can just click no when Cortana pops up for the first time, and/or not even use a MS account and you avoid 99% of all of this if you are that worried about it. Thusly using what you quoted as proof of what P9 said is irrelevant...
If you mean this quote by P9:
Anybody I am in contact with who has windows10 is probably giving MS my personal data through their contacts list.
then this quote (stripped of interpretations) states this same thing very clearly:
Microsoft collects and uses various types of data, such as... your contacts ...
I just can't see what you find in it that's even slightly ambiguous.
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