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Default Ouch!

Hi devs! 5.65pre16 has broken -badly - two of Breederīs SWS actions on which I heavily rely for my workflow :

- SWS/BR : Freehand draw envelope while snapping points to left side grid line (perform until shortcut is released)

-SWS/BR : Set closest envelope pointīs value to mouse cursor (perform until shortcut is released)

V5.65pre15 does not show the awful behaviour at all, so Iīll have to stick with it until this can be solved. This is simple : you assign those actions to shortcuts and, i.e., with the freehand draw one you see on pre16 that the envelope is completely messed at the moment you start applying it. On pre15 it works just fine. The same applies to the "Set closest point" one. Probably, other related actions could be broken, but those are specifically the ones that I use on a daily basis (I even comissioned them to Breeder, originally, due to the lack of a native freehand tempo drawing function).

Of course, this could lead to the discussion (stated in a thread of mine somewhere) about the need of a native freehand drawing on the tempo envelope, but clearly, beyond the technical aspects of such hypothetical implementation (or re-implementation indeed), I hope this scripted functionality can be back to work as usual, since its current state will harm my workflow in a considerable manner.

Thanks so much in advance!


[EDIT] Excuse me if this is not the place to report about SWS, but since these actions cover some basic, missing functionality that I use on a daily basis, itīs a serious problem in my case.

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