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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Yep. The newest version of OSCII-Bot can send and receive SysEx.

See the OSCII-Bot documentation ->

What do you suppose is the problem with sending two messages ?

Just wondered why it seems to assume 3 bytes for messages. The locate MMC command is 12 bytes.

In fact, one issue I can potentially see is that the MMC timecode for locate also requires the framerate encoded, but I don't see such an OSC message from reaper. So not sure how to get the info to translate that properly. Any ideas?

Hours and Type : 0yyzzzzz
yy = Type: 00 = 24 fps, 01 = 25 fps, 10 = 30 fps (drop frame), 11 = 30 fps (non-drop frame)
zzzzz = Hours (0-23)

Looking at the "goto/locate" message spec here..
Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.

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