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Alexey - first, let me say thank you for implementing this functionality. I have finally tested it, and was able to quite easily get a SONAR project converted to Reaper that has failed all prior attempts.

The project functions 100% upon opening. However ...
The converted project structure is more complicated than it needs to be. I've read the thread at your site, but I'm still not certain if these side effects are intended. If they are, I'm still happy. If not, then maybe your conversion routine can be simplified.

Here's the scenario:
In SONAR I have a standard Instrument Track; separate MIDI & audio/VSTi tracks. The audio/VSTi track has a volume automation envelope.

The resulting Reaper project has a Synth Rack folder that contains the audio/VSTi track, which is also a folder that contains the MIDI track. This MIDI track has Parent Send disabled, and an explicit send to its parent instead. Additionally, the audio/VSTi track has Parent Send disabled, with an explicit Send to another audio track that has the volume automation.

The most straight-forward approach, with or without the Synth Rack Folder, would be to have the VSTi, MIDI item(s) and automation all on the same track.

The source project is in SONAR Platinum.

The above is the same for multiple VSTi; 2 instances of SampleTank 3 and 2 instances of Rap Pro.

There are other oddities, but I thought I would start with just one.

If it will help, I can copy the project and reduce to a single VSTi with no other tracks in SONAR, then convert/load into Reaper and provide both project files to you.
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