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I tried Haiku a couple of times a while ago. It always felt as a promising OS, but lacking a lot because it was in early stages and always moving along sooo slow. It still is indeed. Very small manpower behind.

It's still looking like a 90s OS not only in the graphics side (It hugely reminds me my Mac OS 9.2!) That's good and bad. Bad because it looks anything but polished, but this is where the good part comes in. Those basic unrefined graphics will never eat up your resources. I love that.

The problem with this and other obscure OSs is commonly hardware support. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that this could be a show stopper for a dedicated DAW system. Also, software. I guess there won't be a lot of audio packages ported to Haiku.

Thanks for the reminder, anyway. I saw in the video that some nice stuff has been ported, like the full Calligra office suite (that I hugely prefer over LibreOffice but you need to bring KDE in on Linux. Not on Haiku... Great!) I really want to give it a go once again, and even already considering to replace MX for Haiku on my old dad's computer. He's 83 and needing something very simple and easy to use.
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