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Originally Posted by danerius View Post
This plugin idea needs to take samples ahead, but also back in time. For example: Five samples ahead plus five samples back and then playing that back at its midpoint.
Aha! No, it doesn’t have to be played back at the midpoint! You can play back the effect tomorrow and it’ll be exactly the same. If the computer needs to calculate the effect for an hour, then it’ll just play back after an hour. Not stuck in the actual ”now” any more than image processing is. There is always some latency present when playing back digital audio, so we never hear the ”now” of the computer reading the audio file anyway.

I guess this is the thing holding back your thought process. In the end the concept of time doesn’t matter to a computer, it will calculate the effect when asked to, be it an image or an audio file. And the calculations will take the time they need.

Images has the upside of being static in time. So you can cross process pixels all you want and your computer will be fine with it. With audio, samples operate in a now-specific-time-paradigm. I dont know if theres a way to navigate around that?
Sure there is. Forget the idea of ”now”. Continuing the pile of papers analogy, the person reading the paper (code) will take the time he needs, and only then give the calculations (sample) forward.

Actually, in image processing you have to first load the pixels both left and right of the center of the blur, and only then calculate the blur, right? Same goes for audio processing, you have to gather up all relevant samples around the center point before doing the averaging.

Edit.... Maybe you could use one method of averaging for samples ahead? Plus a different one for the samples back in time?
Sure you can, but you don’t have to.
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